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With a true passion for the Beautiful Game, South Fork United has been formed to provide advanced youth Soccer players with a platform to compete at a higher level, while also giving back to the game on a global scale.

First, we aim to provide a developmentally appropriate learning environment that challenges each player tactically, technically, physically, and psycho-socially. Coupled with the highest level of professional training, we will ensure that each player is given every opportunity to reach their individual Soccer goals at the highest possible level.

Second, but of equal importance, is our aim to give back to the Beautiful Game. Each year, our teams will attend a goodwill international tour where not only will we play Soccer at a high level, but we will also give back to those who are less fortunate. 

As a Federally registered 501c3 nonprofit organization, we ensure that each opportunity provided by South Fork United is at an affordable cost to the players and their families through donations and fundraising. Through the sport of Soccer, anything is possible. Soccer truly has NO BORDERS.

Soccer truly, has no borders.

Our Mission


Our Mission

Our Vision


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